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If you’re looking for voice lessons in Nashville, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Alan Dysert and I am the founder of The Singer’s School.  In the real world what’s important that you know the music business and its latest trends.  That’s why I’ve teamed with top-notch professionals who currently work in the music business to bring you all the lessons you need to take your singing to a whole new level.  I’ve worked with some of the industry’s best known country music stars -writing and producing multi-media shows for some of the biggest names in country music. Altogether, my clients have accumulated 9 Grammys and 15 CMA Awards! Becoming a professional singer takes more than just the ability to sing.  I’ve met a lot of highly trained singers whom I wish to listen to no more than once.

Most people don’t want to spend a fortune and several years finding their passion. Some people don’t want to learn about their art or their dreams in a typical academic setting with very structured curriculums that have nothing to do with what they want in life. We help you find your passion – then we show you what to do with it.  I want to help turn you into a “REAL” singer . . . a singer who feels everything and takes the audience for the emotional ride of their life. I want to help singers be more confident while performing.  Singers need to make an audience feel things they’ve never felt before. This takes hard work, the right teachers, passion, and a strong desire to express oneself. I want to help my students pursue their dreams.

When I decided I wanted to explore the entertainment world, I couldn’t find anyone to talk with or take a class from who had actually “been there.” What I have always tried to do with my classes is to offer training and career guidance that works in the real world of entertainment.  I have been in the business for almost thirty years and I have taught for 20 years. In those twenty years, I have worked with over 3,000 actors and singers.  I have always believed that it is much easier to learn in a very positive and safe environment. This approach encourages risk taking and spontaneity in the performer.

A performer needs to work with a “net” so they can take chances and not worry about “the fall” during the developmental stages. I was trained by great teachers in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, but there always seemed to be a degree of intimidation and a certain amount of arrogance in the classroom. That will never be the case in any class taught by me or any instructor who works with me. We will always keep in mind that dreams and dreamers are fragile. Sensitive people make great performers but their talent and confidence can be easily damaged by the wrong teacher.

I consider myself an expert on stage fright because I dealt with it for 25 years in my own career. I have developed a system to deal with this anxiety. It has worked for hundreds of actors who I am proud to say no longer have this problem.

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Although most people know Alan Dysert as Sean Cudahy from the ABC soap opera, All My Children, he is also a songwriter, producer and director.  He has worked with some of the best known country music stars in the industry.  Taken together, his clients have a total of 9 Grammys and 15 CMA Awards! The Singer’s School is a natural outgrowth of his passion for music and established ties to the music industry.

As an accomplished writer and producer – he is notable for his writing, production and direction of two-hour multimedia shows for The Ronnie Milsap Theater and The Lee Greenwood Theater.

He also produced the critically acclaimed Home to the Ryman for the Holidays featuring Martina McBride, Emmylou Harris, Steve Wariner, and others.

Alan produced and hosted the six-part series, Behind the Scenes at All My Children.

His movie production credits also include:  The Ghost Club (executive producer), One of Them (executive producer), Becoming Jesse Tate  (executive producer), The Grift (executive producer), Academy of Terror (executive producer) and Undercover Kids (associate producer).

Alan draws on his extensive acting experience to help many of Nashville’s top recording artists bring greater intensity and believability to their performances.   Industry insiders know the value of his tutelage.

Though he’s earned a Mass Communications degree from the University of Illinois, it’s Alan’s unique ability to carry those communication skills he’s learned as a performer, teacher and producer into the business world that has made him a highly sought after speaker, image consultant, and trainer of executives, sales teams, attorneys and professional speakers.

Alan is very passionate about his “Fight the Fear” program, developed to help individuals overcome their fear of speaking and performing in public. Alan is dedicated to encouraging others to take risks and overcome fears like those he fought for years.